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Montana Art and Western Artists

Bob Burkhart Bob Burkhart
A fifth generation Montanan whose great-great- grandfather headed the first cattle drive from Texas to Montana, Bob Burkhart's artwork is inspired by his life-long ranching background.

Bruce Park Bruce Park

Carrie Fell Carrie Fell
“I’d like to feel that viewers will see my art and sense a secret self - ‘unpenetrated’ and ‘unguessed’ - where the lightning wrestles with the sky and where the stars open the darkened night, where one can feel the cowboys ride.”

Dave Samuelson Dave Samuelson
Dave Samuelson is a storyteller in the western tradition of Charlie Russell. Like that famous Montanan, Dave has led a life rich in campfires and horses, and his stories spring from decades of mountain hunting and guiding.

George Gogas George Gogas
Gogas is confident he would have been an artist anywhere, searching for that universal core that "seems to run through all good art regardless of cultural expression."

J.R. Eason J.R. Eason
Born and raised on a ranch in Idaho, Eason moved to Montana in 1986. After establishing herself as a painter, Eason began sculpting. Eason continues to learn from masters in her chosen medium, as she feels this is imperative for continual growth.

Karen Leigh Karen Leigh

Karen McCloney Karen McCloney
Karen works in many media including stained glass, but she prefers to render her work in oil or watercolor. She draws inspiration from her Montana surroundings as well as travels throughout the world.

Kendahl Jan Jubb Kendahl Jan Jubb
My motives have always been the same, to experience the animal and the natural - to explore with patterns and colors and revel in the diversity of form.

Kent Lovelace Kent Lovelace
Kent Lovelace was born in 1953 and raised in the eastern hills of the San Francisco bay area. He received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Washington in 1980, and a BFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1976.

Kevin Red Star Kevin Red Star
Kevin Red Star was born on a Crow reservation in Lodge Grass, Montana, in 1943. Raised in the language and ways of his Indian heritage, those early years imbued him with the Crow culture, which is fully expressed in a real and heartfelt way in his art.

Larry Pirnie Larry Pirnie
My earliest memory of making a picture was drawing the Lone Ranger when I was six years old. I've never stopped making pictures of cowboys and horses.

Linda Tippetts Linda Tippetts
Linda Tippetts nurtured her kinship with the land as a child in Montana's rural Sun River Valley. Her life encompassed an endless landscape of wheatfields, the Rocky Mountain Front, and horizons limited only by the boundaries of her imagination.

Lois Silver Lois Silver

Louise Lamontagne Louise Lamontagne
Louise Lamontagne's vividly realized oil paintings, with their simple, bold forms expressed in strong strokes and richly saturated colors, have earned her a significant place among contemporary Western artists.

Marc Bohne Marc Bohne
I treat my landscapes more like portraits than snapshots of a place. Portraits contain both subject and observer, and good portraits show some evidence of that intimacy.

Marion Lavery Marion Lavery

Mary Michael Mary Michael
Creating sculptures from a heart that has always been in Montana, Mary Michael’s works have been compared to those of Western Art legends Remington and Powell.

Monte Dolack Monte Dolack
A love of the natural world, combined with his exuberant curiosity and travel experiences, has shaped the content of Monte's imagery. Blending mythology, technology and elements from nature, his work is infused with a sense of humor and irony.

Rudy Autio Rudy Autio
Rudy Autio is one of the most masterful and influential artists working with clay in the United States today.

Russell Chatham Russell Chatham
Since 1958 Chatham has had more than three hundred one-man exhibitions. Chatham began printmaking in 1982, and today is considered one of the world's foremost lithographers.

Sharon Ziegenhagen Sharon Ziegenhagen
Sharon Ziegenhagen is an award-winning artist who specializes in purebred dogs, horses, and wildlife.

Valerie Veis Valerie Veis
Valerie enjoys life living in central Montana surrounded bu barley fields and a view of the Rocky Mountain Front. Born and raised in Montana, she is proud of her multi-cultural heritage:The Native American influence can be seen woven through her baskets.

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