Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and Submission.
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Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, and Submission

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Brian Morgan - Owner
Adventure Life Journeys -
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"Tony Ferrini did some fantastic work on my website. My business is driven by the web, so I'm always skeptical of the lofting promises of web marketing companies. At one point I hired two respected web companies to work on two similar sights. At the same time, Tony applied his skills to our original site. After 6 months Tony had our original site coming up with key searches on Google, Altavista and others - resulting in a 3 times more traffic to my site. The two 'respected' companies had dismal results and came back to me asking for more money for a new strategy. Tony understands that successful web marketing requires a custom approach and he get's results - business growth of 200% the year he worked on our website. Acquire Marketing is sure to become one of the best web marketing companies on the Net!"

Shane Clouse
Montana Wreaths,

"Just thought I'd give you some feedback on the success of our website. We started conducting business on the site in 2000 with zero orders during our selling season. In 2001 we received 5 orders on the site mainly due to some radio advertising and on location advertising. In 2002 you improved access to our site by getting us up on search engines. In 2002 our online orders were well over 100. I personally spoke with several on line customers and asked how they found us. All of them commented that they found us on the internet using search engines and most of these customers were from out of state. Just goes to show you the power of the information highway. Thank you for your work."
Dr. Jakki Mohr - Associate Professor of Marketing, Univ. of Montana
Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations 
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"Acquire Marketing has consistently done a great job of monitoring my site to maintain my search engine positioning over time on the keywords of interest to me. The company is proactive in making recommendations about what will improve my site, and making recommendations to drop keywords if they are not resulting in site traffic. The reports have also been very informative. I rely on Acquire Marketing and they deliver results."

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